April 14, 2021

Bandai Namco’s Action RPG Code Vein Delayed To 2019

This is the primary reason that the company will have to forgo Code Vein until next year. Herve Hoerdt, the digital and marketing president, mentioned that the postponement of the game is to help in fine-tuning the features of Code Vein. This will help to give players the best that they deserve. Apart from upgrading the features of the game, the company wants Code Vein to have a captivating title.

The announcement has lead to removing the game from Gamescom 2018 until further notice. May this is to show that the game has bigger problems or make certain improvements, only the company’s management can tell. If the design of the game is still lacking, time will prove to everyone. The postponement of the game indicates that it will not be in the ranks of Destiny 2, Tomb Raider, Spiderman and much more.

Most of the competitors will be releasing one or more games around September. For Code Vein, the company is yet to provide the public with a releasing date until 2019. The company maintained that any future information will be provided to customers later. If this remains a shock to you, then continue to follow the news of the company for more information. Pretty soon, the management of the company may feel concern and update players of any latest improvement.

According to a reliable source, the main problem that is making the company postpone Code Vein is gameplay features. Many people have been waiting for the improvement of Bandai Namco’s games. Maybe the lack of full preparation is making the company scared of failing customers. A new name is what most fans believe Code Vein will have when released according to Eric Hartness, the vice president for the company.

On Twitter, opinions have been floating that the feedback of the company has already received lead to the postponement of the game. An event like Anime Expo and E3 gave people a clue of how the game will operate. Maybe this added to the reason why the company is taking time to give fans the best game.

In 2017 of April, the game was introduced or simply came on board. The Dark Souls service remains the source of motivation for Code Vein. Bandai Namco is also the publisher of the Dark Souls that feature some vampire characters just like that in Vein. Players will have to combat demonic beings by using divine powers called Gifts. While all hopes are not lost yet, fans can continue to wait on the company for any latest improvement.

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