Frequently Asked Questions

Noone asked us anything, so we made this up.

What's wrong with the default software on Raspberry Pi

Nothing, really. It's perfect for what it's designed for.

It, however makes us a bit worried. It contains drivers not present in mainline kernel that didn't pass the rigourous review process Linux is known and valued for. They, for instance, expose files in /dev that expose raw access to hardware for an unprivileged user. This is something that's probably fine on a toy, but something very uncommon for a production Linux system.

It also ships no SELinux by default and it's not trivial to make it work. Also, despite arguably a matter of taste, we prefer RPM to DEB.

You did an Alpha release. When are you doing a real release?

When it's ready. Which likely is Q1 2016.

How can I help?

Become a Fedora packager.

Donations of hardware and money for the build cluster are very welcome.

What hardware do you support?

We target all BCM2835-based (armv6) boards:

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B is not supported.

What is your relation to Pidora?

We aim to continue where Pidora has left off. Without insulting the Russian speaking folks ;)